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About Us

Allan Project Management Services (APMS) is a computer consultancy with our main focus on the internet. We offer a wide range of services and internet solutions to both the IT industry and business in general.

With backgrounds in areas as diverse as mainframe computing, internet consulting, document management, conference organising, publishing and research, we are able to bring a broad and different perspective to our clients and their IT issues and requirements.

Tony Allan

Tony is an experienced manager and consultant with over twenty years in the Information Technology industry. He possesses solid technical skills which were developed as a mainframe systems programmer then broadened through responsibility for diverse platforms at major Australian IT installations. Tony has developed skills in strategic planning, project management, applications development, research and development, leading edge architecture and system design, product evaluation, technology selection and large systems and mid-range vendor and contractual negotiations. Recent, experience in Internet related technologies and software development has resulted in being regarded as a leader in the field. Tony has maintained a high profile by presenting at numerous IT industry conferences.

Gayle Allan

Gayle is an experienced manager and consultant with 10 years experience in working with user groups and other distributed organisations. Gayle possesses strong communications skills with an excellent academic and business track record in professional writing. She possesses solid technical skills which were developed as a web designer and internet consultant. Gayle combines these skills to provide conference organising and project management services with internet solutions.

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